Maritime and Environmental Law from Cordova, Alaska

As a long-time Alaskan, I have seen first-hand how the voices of locals and the needs of our natural environment can become lost in a legal maze. Justice can be hard to find.

Gabe Scott-- Attorney at LawThat is why I created the local law office of Gabriel W. Scott, Attorney at Law, dedicated to offering zealous representation and skillful navigation of the legal system to Alaskans, fishermen, and non-profit organizations.

I studied at the best maritime law school in the world, and worked on the largest environmental tort case in history, so I am not intimidated by large and complex cases. However, no case is too small and I’m also committed to providing guidance through the legal tedium of everyday life.

Whether you have been seriously injured offshore, find yourself accused of a crime, or just need some help with your permit paperwork, I am here to help.